• BabyListener v1.0
    분류없음 2010.08.23 15:21
    This is my first Android application.
    As a parent myself, I found the needs of such application, so I made it myself.

    Basically, this application is a baby monitor.

    This is fairly simple to use.

    Before Use:
    1. Before using Baby Listener, try to setup sensitivity for your baby's cry.
    2. Move sensitivity slider.
    3. Touch baby icon for testing. 'zzz' image will show when it is test detecting mode.
    4. Keep the device within expected distance.
    5. When Baby Listener detects baby's cry, the icon will change to crying baby image.
    6. Touching the crying baby image will set Baby Listener to test detecting mode again.
    7. Continue from 2 until setting up the lowest possible sensitivity for maximum effectiveness.

    1. Type in a phone number that Baby Listener should call when baby cries or select a phone number from contacts list by pressing phone book button.
    2. Click 'Start' button.
    3. Place the device quietly before detecting started.

    Known Issues:
    1. SMS will not be sent when the Baby Listener is paused caused by incoming call.
    2. Certain mobile devices will go into call record screen after call which prevents from restarting detecting mode.

    If you have a question or found a bug,
    please add comment on this post.

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